2018-2022 International Program Initiatives

Exemplifying Excellence Through Sustainable Service

Exemplifying Excellence Through Sustainable Service is the international program theme for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated for 2018- 2022. Dedicated to implementing programs of service geared toward social, economic and educational well-being of local and national communities, the International Program includes five program targets designed to advance the mission of Alpha Kappa Alpha. 

To maintain the growth and sustainability of HBCUs, chapters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated will focus on promoting, marketing and encouraging students to attend a historically black college or university.

Signature Initiative: College Admissi
ons Process (CAP)
Members assist high school students during their Junior and senior year with the college admission process. The ways that members will assist is by helping students with the college application, preparing for SAT and ACT, writing compelling personal statements, identifying scholarships and financial aid.



Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention

Alpha Kappa Alpha will focus on early detection through mammagrams to improve the survival rate of women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Hearth Health 

the sorority enhances its commitment to healthy hearts through fitness activities and walking.

Nutrition and Wellness 

emphases is placed on healthy lifestyles including prenatal, childhood, adult, and senior nutrition programs.

Care for the Caregivers 

places emphasis on taking care of others. Will encourage caregivers to practice preventive healthcare as well as self-care to eliminate the vulnerabilities and risks associated with the stress of caregiving

Personal Financial Planning and Asset Accumulation
Alpha Kappa Alpha in partnership with local certified financial planners will conduct workshops on saving, investing, and retirement planning.
Credit Repair and Monitoring focus will be on ways to repair credit and improve credit scores.
Entrepreneurship and the Black Dollar 365 This initiative will highlight and promote successful African American owned business.
Operation AKA Assist focus on implementing programs to assist the homeless

Alpha Kappa Alpha will expose students to arts enrichment and culture by focusing on visual and performing arts and by showcasing talent through the exploration of writers, entertainers and various other artists.

• Salute to the Harlem Renaissance will celebrate the contributions of African-American artists during the Harlem Renaissance through student research and chapter sponsorship of student talent showcases. This initiative will correlate with HBCUs and African-American culture and will include colleges with art collections.

• Salute to the Black Arts Movement will focus on student research and celebration of African-American artists during the Black Arts Movement. Chapters will champion activities that express the movement message and highlight members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority who served as leaders and participants. Activities will include art events, poetry slams, dancing, painting, and performing arts

Members will engage in global partnerships that provide assistance to under-served communities.

Soles 4 Souls. Chapters will collect gently-worn shoes and transport the shoes to specified locations. Soles4Souls mission is to create sustainable jobs and provide relief through the distribution of shoes around the world.

Lions Club International. Chapters will participate in an eyeglass initiative designed to prevent blindness, help restore eyesight, and improve eye health and eye care for millions of people around the world by donating used eyeglasses in partnership with local Lions Clubs.

Pillowcase Project. Chapters will continue to use pillowcases to make dresses for little girls and will expand the sorority’s efforts to include shirts for little boys. The pillowcase dresses and shirts will be sent to Haiti to provide clothing for children in need.

• Refugees in America Assistance Program (RAAP). Chapters will focus on refugees of color in the United States by partnering with organizations engaged in support activities that assist refugees and their families to integrate into American life. This includes literacy classes, educational training, and other necessary transitional support.

Additional information for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated Programs can be found at aka1908.com or akasouthatlanticregion.org